If you eat healthily and exercise regularly, you may still have a difficult time achieving the toned appearance you’re longing for. That’s where CoolTone comes in. With the CoolTone body sculpting treatment, you can build new muscle without spending hours at the gym and weeks recovering. 

This revolutionary treatment can allow you to achieve greater definition in your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs so you can feel more confident in and out of clothing. If you’re intrigued and wondering how much CoolTone costs, keep reading for more information.

CoolTone Delray Beach

CoolTone Pricing

There is no hard and fast answer to the cost of CoolTone because every treatment plan is unique. However, the typical CoolTone treatment will likely run you $2,700 to $3,700 per muscle group and includes multiple treatments. 

It’s important to note that since CoolTone is considered a cosmetic treatment, rather than a medical necessity, it will not be covered by insurance. The good news is that we can work with you to design a payment plan that comfortably aligns with your budget and lifestyle.

What to Expect During a CoolTone Treatment

During a CoolTone treatment, one of our expert providers will apply the special device to your areas of concern. The device will use magnetic muscle stimulation to penetrate deep into your muscle layers and prompt muscle contractions.

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So, how exactly will your body respond to this? Good question! It will strengthen its muscle fibers and in turn create greater tone and definition in your problem areas. Although your body shape, areas of concern, lifestyle habits, and aesthetic goals will dictate how many treatments you need, most patients benefit from anywhere between 4 and 12 treatments.

How Does CoolTone differ from CoolSculpting?

Since CoolTone is made by Allergan, the same company that brought CoolSculpting to market, many people wonder how it differs from CoolSculpting.

While CoolSculpting removes fat cells from stubborn areas, CoolTone focuses on building new muscle. You may be able to combine these treatments to enjoy more dramatic optimal body contouring results. Both of these treatments are body contouring treatments, rather than weight loss treatments so they are not a good option if your goal is to she the unwanted pounds.

A friend of mine invited me to an event here. The staff was incredibly friendly and answered all of my crazy questions, putting my mind at ease regarding certain procedures. The facility is really clean and organized. This is definitely my place for all of my future skin care and aesthetic needs!


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